Carrió & Garay was established to offer expert legal advice on matters involving Criminal, Constitutional, Administrative and International Law. Hence, one of its fundamental features is the personal involvement of its partners in all legal inquires entrusted to them.


Criminal Law is the Firm´s specialty. We handle all kinds of criminal cases, with special focus on white collar crimes, tax evasion fraud, corporate related crimes, money laundering charges, and all other complex criminal charges. We praise ourselves with our expertise in matters involving federal law and the assistance of foreign corporations and foreign governments in the criminal process in Argentina.


Carrió & Garay offers a unique legal advice in cases brought before the Supreme Court. The named partners have worked inside the Court as administrative clerks and specialize in Supreme Court litigation. Our services are sought by colleagues, governmental agencies, NGO´s, Provinces, corporations and domestic and foreign clients. Our partners and associates are experts in matters involving federal law.


The partner´s international background makes them specialists in the legal assistance of Foreign Governments and Foreign Corporations in matters arising under Argentinian Law. On a daily basis we work together with colleagues from American law firms, and have an accurate understanding of the American legal system and its institutions.