JSD: University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
LL.M.: Louisiana State University




Aid to Professor Emeritus Hon. Martín D. Farrell.
At the University of Buenos Aires Law School´s courses on Jurisprudence


L.L.M.: Louisiana State University

I was awarded with full scholarship by LSU Graduate Legal Studies Office. My studies focused on Jurisprudence, Criminal and Constitutional Law.

2009-2010. 2015

Postgraduate Studies. Advanced Criminal Law Studies.
Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


JSD. Facultad de Derecho,
Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I completed my law career with an average of 7.97 over 10 and distinguished myself in courses related to Constitutional Law, Philosophy and Criminal Law.

Legal experience in the U.S.

May-July 2010

United States Court of Federal Claims.
Summer intern in the Chambers of Hon. Susan G. Braden.

I helped drafting opinions for the court and worked in the editing process of drafts that became published opinions from the court.

I assisted numerous conferences and lunches regarding legal discussions (Events sponsored by the Federalist Society, the American Constitution Society and the A.B.A.).

I attended oral arguments held at the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and viewed criminal trials at the District of Columbia Superior Court.

Legal experience in Argentina

April 2012

Associate Attorney at Carrió & Garay.

2008- March 2012

Law Clerk
Federal Criminal Court of Appeals for the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

I was in charge of assisting the Judges from the Court of Appeals in the revision of the decisions made by all Judges of the Federal Criminal system in the city of Buenos Aires (there are 12 trial level Federal Criminal judges in the city of Buenos Aires). My responsibilities included frequent meetings in chambers with the three-judge panel, and drafting what would become some of their opinions in those criminal cases that reach the appellate stage.


Court’s Official
Federal Criminal Circuit Court Nº2 for the City of Buenos Aires

I was personally involved in the conduct of criminal investigations by means of interviewing witnesses and questioning suspects, as well as drafting court opinions in cases concerning drug possession and trafficking, trade mark fraud and police abuse. I also helped decide motions regarding the admissibility of evidence prior to trial, requests of nullity, complaints dealing with fraud in the registration of political parties, motions requesting release on bail for detainees, as well as processing cases concerning the forging of public documents.


Criminal Circuit Court for the City of Buenos Aires

I worked in a Court that specializes in the investigation of felonies (Juzgado Nacional en lo Criminal de Instrucción Nº39), and served for a ten month period under the supervision of Circuit Court Judge Hon. Ernesto Raúl Botto (May 2005-February 2006). I helped him and his staff in the conduct of many criminal investigations (which in Argentina are carried out within the Judiciary) and was given the responsibility of questioning witnesses and writing drafts that would eventually become decisions of the Court.


District Attorney’s Office for the City of Buenos Aires

Time I was in charge of processing the relevant data of all misdemeanors coming to the office. Given the written character of many steps of the Argentine legal system, I was asked to write different kinds of motions to be presented to the Judges in charge of misdemeanor cases (the so called “Correctional Judges”), who carry in Argentina many criminal investigations.


TOEFL exam: 106 overall score

Constitutional and Criminal Law.

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